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I have compiled a glossary of terms for escorting for those who are unfamiliar with certain terms for example...GFE, PSE, CIM, FRENCH, GREEK, and ETC......Since the list of terms is so long I had to create another page just to display them all, you can access the list here for your convenience.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here are the results from a recent pole taken. A total of 38 votes were casted.

34% Are Getting it from the TRACK

28% Are Getting it from the STRIP CLUBS

26% Are Getting it from the BROTHELS

97% Are Getting it from ONLINE

Remember results can and will change as members grow. This is just an overall estimation and is not an accurate number by any means.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here is a step by step guide on how to view Craigslist with an Image Preview...meaning you will see the Ad and underneath it you will see the pictures for the ad without having to click on the ad to see. There are 3 steps..Follow In Order.

Step 1: You will need to use FireFox as your Internet Browser, go to and download it for free.

Step 2: You will need to Install a FireFox Add-on called GreaseMonkey.. You can download the add-on here once again for free. CLICK HERE

Step 3: You will need to Install a Script to view the Craigslist. You can download it here and yes it is free. Once You get to the page, in the upper right-hand corner it'll say "install this script", hit that and you should start downloading it. CLICK HERE

After you have done that you should open your Firefox Browser..On the bottom right corner you should see an Image of a Monkey's Face.. that means that you have Grease Monkey in your Add-on. Now go to and browse the ads as usual, you will notice that pictures will appear underneath the ads without having to click on the ads itself. Hope this tool is useful for everyone. ENJOY.


Monday, May 5, 2008

If you got Love for the Game then you definitely got Love for Good Content and Good Footage..One of the newest Dvds out about Gangsta Brown one of the Greatest P'z that has ever played the Game,you should definitely add this your Dvd Library. Check it out Here..
The Life and Times of Gangsta Brown

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I don't condone Pimps talking down on other Pimps but several people asked me if I could post this up for them to take a listen..Well here you sure to comment on this post below and let the world know what you think. Peace

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

After one month of doing a Poll of what Pimp's thought about Cuttin' Deals with Hoes, the results are in...its Official..a 100% demanded a 100% of the money...which means..sorry hoes...NO DEAL!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Diamonds and Custom Jewelry have become very popular in the last few years due to the hip-hop scene, seems like everyone wants to have an iced out chain or a pendant. Nothing catches a females attention quite like the sparkle of a well set diamond piece, people are spending tens of thousands of dollars nowadays just on one item and knowing a good jeweler can save you thousands, it will also make sure you get quality diamonds instead of a ripoff. Theres more than one type of diamond and theres more than one type of fake diamond. Heat treated, man-made diamonds, theres cubicz, svarvoski crystals..the list goes on and on. Its in your best interest to learn a few things about diamonds before you spend any type of money on it, here is a good place to start learning some basics about diamonds. Check it out.

Monday, April 21, 2008

For the most part, my articles that I write about are catered mainly for the Pimps and up n' coming P'z in the Game. Considering that this site is for "Official Pimps and Hoes" I figured I'd post up some shit pertaining towards the working ladies in the Game.
I wanted to talk to you Ladies about steppin' ya game up..Yes I'm talking to you.. See there are some hoes that will only do what they are told to do and never really be innovative or creative to try to better that situation, always having the man babysit them thru the everyday routines. Some of you P'z may feel where I'm coming from, by having to wake up everyday and tell the hoe the same shit you told her everyday for the last who the fuck knows how many days...hey bitch get up...get sounds like a fucking broken record everyday ya dig..
You would think that the hoe would just figure that shit out on her own but 'most' hoes just love to sit around and wait until they are told to do something.. you know what your man would really like to see? Instead of him having to tell you a list of things to know how good it feels for a man to tell someone to do something, yet the response is.."That's already done, and this is already done, and also I wanted to let you know that I did this also..and I'm going to do this..." Shit...a mother fucker aint got shit to be mad about when he knows his hoes is on top of the situation..It feels good to have a bitch thats on point and can handle some shit. That shit will set you apart from the other lazy hoes that always seem to be 'unreliable'.
Ladies..being on top of situations is just one'd be surprise to find out how many hoes never ever pick up a book..Thats right I said a fucking Book..I'm gonna tell you like this..A Hoe should always be trying to expand her mind and read some shit..stay up to date with current events in able to be articulate, intellectual, and sophisticated. Some hoes can turn dates left and right with no problem everyday all day..but they never seem to retain those tricks..there always fishing for another trick. When you combine beautiful looks with a intelligent mind you are setting yourself up to be able to hold your own in a room full of more established tricks..tricks who really want someone they can conversate with and relate too and actually be intrigued to see more than once and pay whatever for your are you going to be able to do that if you mind is stuck in the gutter?? Take some time everyday and watch the a book, or do some researching on the internet..expand your mind..
If you don't know what a word means look it up in the dictionary, find out what it means and add that to your vocabulary, don't just pass by it and ignore it, ask someone what it means or look it up..Continue to build your mind everyday..its all about growth.
If you work the Internet take professional photos..learn how to use adobe photoshop, or if not learn how to use the "Paint" can do some editing and that comes standard on computers nowadays. You don't have to pay for a photographer, borrow someones camera and use some decent lighting and take your own digital photos..take alot of them and pick of the best ones and use those for your ads online, it'll improve your over call rate without a doubt, tricks will see that your serious about your craft and that will increase your credibility.
If you dont have a computer then find someone that does that is willing to post ads for you, most hoes have hoe friends that have computers, just call the hoe most hoes is more than willing to help they "homegirl" post up a simple ad..
Take care of your personal should be showering and washing up constantly..if you work the blade there are many little bars and fast food joints around that have can usually slide up in those spots without anyone knowing and use the facility to clean yourself, you should know your track and the whole layout. Get all your female products at low discount budget stores..there is no use to pay high retail for condoms, baby wipes, lubricating, and etc...get that shit in bulk..instead of buying a pack of condoms from the corner store go to the Wal-Mart or someshit and buy a box of em..your gonna run thru those eventually..Get checked often and take care of anything that needs to be taken care of immediately..don't think that ignoring something or putting it off is going to be a good enough excuse to not go..just go do that shit, its part of the job.
And if your going to be down with your man, then be down with that man a stand up hoe..stay in pocket and work hard and keep all of your emotions on the sidelines..avoid the jealousy and other evil emotions that will manifest inside if you let all the women that you possibly can be..don't be a suzy choosey..hoes that are solid and stay down with they man get much respect in the street game you can believe that..if respect is important to you then stay down all the way til the very fucking end..then you'll see the real rewards and successes of some true Pimpin' and Hoe' patient hard work will pay off and your man will value you for being a stand up hoe and take care of you..believe that.
I can go on forever on some things but for now Ima cut it short...I'll touch up more on this subject later on..til then Happy Hoe'n..and Successful Pimpin'. 1

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It is without a doubt with all of the high profile media about underage prostitutes and pimps being arrested for advertising and soliciting sex on craigslist that society has put a huge spotlight on the "oldest profession", a negative one at that.
Let me give you my view upon this form of advertising on the internet..
Few years back before craigslist was even well known I was easily getting $300+ a pop with no problems. There was no such thing as "GFE" (Girlfriend Experience) or any of this "15min quickie rates" and shit like that.
It was a profitable form of advertising considering that it was FREE to post and you can post in any city and post as much as you want. Those were the good days with CL..Fast forward 2 years and next thing you know the entire scene is flooded with Fake Hoes using Bait and Switch tactics, VICE, Renegade Hoes, and Basically Hoes that fucked up the game by giving tricks way more than they deserve for too little.
You got tricks thinking that GFE and Bareback are "supposed" to be done.
With the overall flood of "Hoes with no instructions" it is natural that the overall price of things dropped i'd say more than 60% of what it use to probably heard one of your hoes complaining about how hoes be advertising so low that its bringing the prices down bad..
Even if you do not advertise on CL it still has an effect on overall "going rate" on whatever website or advertisement that you use.
Big Websites like Eros has taken a huge blow to there business due to the fact that they actually charge a fee to advertise while other sites let you do it for free. Even now there are some cities on Eros that'll give you one month free of advertising just cause they want to keep there retention up. Hoes that Advertise on Eros are supposed to be considered more rare and upscale so usually rates are higher, but I've witnessed hoes charging $500 change there ads to $250 an hr. because they just weren't getting any calls.
What does this mean and where do I see the game going??
Well eventually sometime I believe in the near future with all this media hype about Craigslist being an avenue for underage prostitutes and pimps that they will be forced to shut down there Erotic section and no more posting will be allowed..
Hoes will be forced to get back hard on the Track, and hoes that paid for advertisement on other sites will slowly start getting there original rates back. Tricks will be limited to who, what, where and how they catch a date so they will be forced to pay whatever they get charged. Hopefully the game will get back to a normal state, I know for some P'z they aren't that intelligent when it comes to marketing a hoe so there knowledge is little, and CL is one if not the only method of "Internet" advertising that they know how to use.
I'm not hating on other P'z who use CL because in the total span of time that I've used CL I have easily pocketed over 100 grand just on that one site alone, so yes I myself have eaten off craigslist..But considering how hot that site has been I've quit using CL for several months now..just because..
In general be prepared and find different avenues of income for yourself if you have not already done so..In the meantime stay active, keep it moving, and be safe P'z. I'm out!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

One Thing is for certain, the Incall/Outcall Game for Escorts is a Gold Mine.
Posting ads in Magazines, Weekly Newspapers or Online, either way its a Profitable Business Model. Alot of Kats are very experienced in this line of work, yet alot of kats are this post is aimed towards those who are just getting their feet wet in the game.
For those of you that don't know, a "Incall" is when a client comes to YOUR place.
A "Outcall" is when YOU go to the clients location. Usually the price of an Outcall will be a little more expensive, factoring the cost of transportation and the convenience of having the Escort arrive at the clients location, a increase of $50-$100 is typical.
Its all about having a marketing plan down..Getting as much traffic as you possibly can from your ads that you have placed will increase the amount of calls you'll recieve. The Escort must be able to filter thru callers, disregarding the flakes, and booking appointments with the real clients.
When talking on the telephone use discretion! No offers or sexual favors should be talked about, even if they are spoken in slang. The money offered should be viewed as a "donation' for the time being spent for companionship.
Be prepared to deal with driving across town to Hotels at 3am and finding out the client is a flake or to find out the client is a no show at your Incall.
These things come with the game, and the best way is to stay grinding at it and keep hittin those Incall/Outcall licks. Steady wins the race and being on point will put you ahead of 75% of the other Escorts working in your area.
Be aware nowadays clients have built a network amongst themselves to filter out good and bad Escorts that they have seen. These are called ReviewBoards and these can make or break your business. Several good reviews and your Escort's business will be flourishing in whatever city she works in. A Bad Review can destroy your business and have you wondering why you aren't getting any calls. It pays to be a known Provider with Good reviews.
Most likely if you have been working the Incall/Outcall Game you have reviews somewhere online, just "Google" your phone number or check out some of the links to forums review boards that I put below.
Theres alot more that I can say about the Escort Game but I will cover more of that in the future..For now I've posted some Escort Sites for you to use to start posting Ads..Some are very well known and there are plenty more than these to use but this is a good starting point if you are very new to this. Here they are..

And here are some review boards that you can also post in..

I will be covering more in detail of some more aspects of the Escort Game in future Posts. Til then, Be safe and Keep Gettin It. Chuuuch!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


There has been alot of talk about P'z cuttin' deals with Hoes..Offering some kind of payment plan for example this much is mine this much is yours and this percentage will go towards this and so on and so forth..
My opinion is this man...fuck all that..Demand 100% off the Jump. Keep the Game Solid.
Reason is this..We all know that the money you get is going to have to be seperated to pay the bills, take care of her needs, food, and travel etc..
But thats what makes YOU the man of the household..cause you are in control of the Finanicial situation..You aint got to let her know where every single penny goes, thats for you to know.
When a Hoe starts having her own money and spending it the way she feels fit then shes going to have some issues with you in the future and that I can promise you from experience. Keep them Hoes broke man..But Keep them Hoes Happy..
Now there have been plenty of experiences in the past where I got a cut of the money made. But in no way did I consider that fully Pimpin' on de' bitch. It was more on the line of my bitch had a two girl show but needed another bitch so she called her homegirl and they hit that lick and I got a portion of the homegirls money for pluggin it..which is basically like running an Escort Agency.
I dont look down on situations like that because if you can get a cut of the money and have to deal with NONE of the headaches then thats a win/win situation..But if that's YOUR Hoe and she talking about being down and you cuttin deals man, then in reality that Hoe aint your Hoe man..
How shit starts is how shit finishes so if you trying to cop a hoe by enticing her with deals then thats just some simp move to try to get a bitch..Find another Hoe that wants to be down with you all the way and see the both of you come up and keep that shit 100. I'm out!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Actually..what I meant to say was your "Credit" score..What does this have anything to do with your Pimpin'?? Well, if you aint know then let me lace you. See its very important if you want to make it in the "square" world that you have a decent credit score. It's alot easier for you to borrow a Million dollars then it is to earn and save a Million Dollars ya dig.
So with that being said NOW is the time to work on either establishing your credit or improving your credit score.. Having a good credit score can mean the difference between paying tens of thousands extra on a house loan or a few thousands on a car loan .. Either way its in your best interest to work on this part of the Game Plan. This is vital if you are planning on getting that Brand new mini Mansion or that Luxury vehicle, all these things will boost your status and attract more females right?!? Well then lets get on is some good information that you can read that will get you started on the path of Good Credit..Take some time to read thru it and soak it up.
Go here to Learn more Free Information about Building a Solid Credit Score.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Has Anyone had the chance to watch the entire movie. If so leave a comment and tell us the low down about it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

While the Official Website is in the Process of being Built, I decided to move everything here on this Blog for now so everyone can still stay connected and Network. There is strength in Networking and Communicating and there is alot of useful information to be exchanged by those in the Game.
I will be updating relevent information Daily so be sure to come back and check us out ! Please Be Patient while the Website is being Built. Til then Enjoy..